You went into business

to pursue your dream;

we went into business to

help you make that happen.






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Gain Peace of Mind

Just enter the hours of your employees and you’re done.  We will take care of everything else.  We will process your payroll, handle your payroll tax payments, file your  payroll tax forms, and file your employees'  W-2 forms. Our service is 100% guaranteed to be accurate, timely, and secure.

Free up your time

We will take even more off your plate.  We will setup, add, remove, and change employee profiles in our system at no extra cost.  We will keep you compliant with complex payroll regulations at all times. Just let us know what you need and it will be done for you.

Save money

 Our price is tailored exclusively to the need of the small business, affordable and simple with no hidden fees. It is guaranteed to be up to 50% less expensive than comparative services.

You have our full attention

We are invested to be an available and exceptional support for your business. We can't afford to disappoint a single client at any step of the process. So ... we don't. Whenever you need to speak to us, we are only one email or one phone call away.



Every Client’s experience with us starts with our uncompromising dedication to accuracy and efficiency.



We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.  We are invested to our clients’ success. 




Our business is structured around your business.  We focus on providing you with a personalized and prompt service.



Welcome to Chexperts Payroll Solutions

Chexperts Payroll Solutions is your local payroll service provider helping small businesses with up to 10 employees reduce their payroll processing expenses and employee liability through a variety of HR and time keeping solutions. 

We also help your business to stay compliant with the payroll tax requirements and take advantage of certain IRS rulings.

There are many companies that offer payroll service, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same quality of service as you’ll get from Chexperts.

Clients of the large payroll companies, often feel like a small fish in a large pond and are frequently left alone with their problems and referred to consult lawyers and CPAs.

At Chexperts, we work closely with you to easily manage your payroll and resolve any complex or compliance-driven issues. You’ll not only enjoy working with us, but also will save your business from exposure to many HR compliance and payroll tax issues.

The heart of our business philosophy is superb client service. 

You went into business to pursue your dream; we went into business to help you achieve that dream. Busy business owners appreciate the value of outsourcing the time-consuming back-office work, which drifts their focus away from running their business.

Our full-service payroll will take care of the little things, to free up your MIND and TIME. With a free mind and more time, you can focus better on overcoming the challenges you face in your business, better serving your clients or customers, boosting your bottom line, and increasing your cash flow.

At the end of the day, it’s all about client service. We have your back!

For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, call (408) 960-3338 or email us at

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100% Seamless Transition Guarantee

Whether you decide to switch to our service in the middle of the year, the quarter, or any month, you will not feel the changeover.

200% Money-Back Guarantee

We're absolutely confident that you'll be delighted with our service. Therefore, at the end of your second month of service, if you're not happy with our service, we'll double what you paid us and refund it to you.