Ramina Atanos-Founder

About Chexperts Payroll Solutions

As a Certified Public Accountant with many years of experience and working at small, large, mature and start-up companies, I have first-hand experience of working with the unmotivated, high-turn-over, employees of the medium to large size payroll companies. I was frustrated to see that when small business owners call these companies with their needs and challenges, they are transferred to call centers to speak with the minimally trained representatives who were quick to dismiss the caller with generic answers.

I realized that small business owners often needed to speak with a payroll professional who knows them and understands their business.

I founded Chexperts because I believe that hardworking entrepreneurs deserve better support. They pay their fees diligently, and they need attention and protection because hiring employees has its own risks and pitfalls which cause small employers to pay millions of dollars in penalties each year. They need a payroll company that looks out for them and supports them with a one-on-one personalized approach to save them time and worry on all payroll-related issues.

My mission is to…Be the reliable payroll and HR service provider, who contributes to the success and protection of other small businesses by providing them with peace of mind that they need so they can focus on their main line of business.

I’d love to discuss how Chexperts can become a part of your team!

Customers’ reviews

What Clients Say

I have found Mrs. Ramina through yelp and I like everyone else to know how great and professional she is. It’s been over 3 months that I have become a small business owner and I needed to find someone to do my payroll. I can’t even say enough about Mrs. Ramina. She has been extra patient with me, she was my support and guide through all the paperwork and all other questions I have. Mrs. Ramina has responded to my emails and my calls within a couple of hours and has been very professional. I highly recommend her services to any of you. She is a very kind, patient and loving individual.
Belma Selimovic
Owner of Building Blocks Daycare
We’ve been working with Ramina for our startup’s payroll service since last year. The service we have got from Ramina & Chexperts have been awesome. We get prompt responses from her through email or phone. We moved our service from ADP to Chexperts and we have been very happy with it. Highly Recommended for early-stage startups or any company looking for payroll service. Thank you Ramina & Chexperts!

Rohit Chhetri
ODTU Teknokent USA