We will keep your firm compliant and effective. Our payroll processing system is created to work for you and your business.

How Chexperts Can Be An HR Helping Hand

HR is getting more and more complicated, new laws to understand and worry about almost every day. Chexperts is here to help. We’ll connect the right people, the right work practices, and the latest technology to your business. Your business will benefit … while you gain peace of mind.

Employee Services

Instant Online Access to Helpful Data

Your employees will have their own secure online portal to view their payroll information at any time. The information from pay stubs, W-2’s, year-to-date earnings to tax deductions and more will be at their fingertips 24/7/365.

Supervisors will also be able to view the easy to understand payroll reports. And as you’d expect, everything is kept completely secure and confidential.

Your business will also benefit. You will save time by reducing the number of employee questions. Supervisors will be able to view and evaluate the easy to understand payroll reports. Your staff will be able to export the information into Microsoft Excel for ultimate management reporting. It’s fast and easy!

HR Support Center

It’s Like Adding to Staff, at a Fraction of the Cost.

Thanks to Chexperts’ connection to our online HR Support Center, when it comes to management decisions or answers to delicate employment law questions, you can respond correctly, to the letter of the law.

Chexperts’ “HR Support Center”, is equivalent to having an HR specialist on staff who is always ready to help you and your staff with the latest tools, information and resources.

Through our free “HR Support Center” you will have access to HR self audits, training, guides, and HR casts. Moreover, you will be able to produce a variety of the most needed HR documents, such as Employee Handbooks, Job Description Manuals, Performance Reviews, and more.

To access HR live assistance, you do not need to hire a single extra employee. At a fraction of the cost, we will connect you with experienced HR professionals who can provide timely advice and guidance to your business.

Allow us to help you in running your business smoothly.