We’ve been working with Ramina for our startup’s payroll service for almost 6 months now. I can’t say enough, but Chexperts company definitely deserves a five-star rating. Compared to my previous service, it felt like jumping into heaven. She cleaned all the mess, and currently, we’re completely trouble free on the payroll side. I definitely recommend Ramina and CheXperts for any company who is looking for a trouble-free payroll service.

Murat Balaban

Sunnyvalley Cyber Security

Chexperts Payroll Solutions has been our payroll processor for Dr. Odishoo for over 10 years now and we love it! Ramina is not only the owner but she is the one that handles our payroll. She processes them in a timely manner. If I could describe Chexperts Payroll Solutions in 3 words: proactive, reliable and knowledgeable. You can tell she loves her job and knows what she is doing. Whether you are a dentist or have a cleaning company or starting your own small business: she is the person that can help you with accounting and payroll.

Their packages are clear and you can expect quality work to be done. She is not only great at what she does but is also a smart and caring person as well. We don’t know what we would do without her!! Thank you for your services.

Dee I.

Vilard Odishoo, DDS

Ramina has handled every detail with speed and accuracy. I highly recommend her and her company.

Robert Friess

Household Employer

We founded a new company in Silicon Valley and we needed to get payroll service. We looked for the online services. If you don’t know the US payroll system it can be hard and complicated. We sent emails to a few of the payroll companies that we found online, but most of them didn’t even get back to us. We had a very short time to find a service. After searching some more I found Chexperts Payroll Solutions on Yelp.

I met with Ramina, the owner of Chexperts, and got payroll service from her. She turned out to be an outstanding CPA and payroll service provider. On one Saturday morning, I got a call from my international funders and needed to fill out some forms and documents in just a few hours. I was not familiar with the US system and the forms seemed to be very complicated.

I requested help from Ramina and she came on her weekend and worked with me and solved the problem.

We had other payroll issues and needed help with paying the taxes and filing the forms for past payrolls. All other service providers told us they could not help us, but Ramina solved that problem for us as well and filed all of our back payroll tax forms in a very speedy manner and got us out of paying more penalties. On another occasion, I was pressed again to complete some forms, which were not related to payroll at all.

I needed someone who was a professional to take a look at those forms. I turned to Ramina as a friend and asked her to take a look at them. She did not hesitate to give me feedback on those forms, even though it was not part of her service to us. She is a dedicated and good hearted lady. If you are looking for a professional who will support you all the time, especially if you are not familiar with the laws in California you should work with Chexperts. I highly recommend them.

T. Celik

StarTurk Inc.

I have found Mrs. Ramina through yelp and I like everyone else to know how great and professional she is. It’s been over 3 months that I have become a small business owner and I needed to find someone to do my payroll. I can’t even say enough about Mrs. Ramina. She has been extra patient with me, she was my support and guide through all the paperwork and all other questions I have. Mrs. Ramina has responded to my emails and my calls within a couple of hours and has been very professional. I highly recommend her services to any of you. She is a very kind, patient and loving individual.

Belma Selimovic

Owner of Building Blocks Daycare

We’ve been working with Ramina for our startup’s payroll service since last year. The service we have got from Ramina & Chexperts have been awesome. We get prompt responses from her through email or phone. We moved our service from ADP to Chexperts and we have been very happy with it. Highly Recommended for early-stage startups or any company looking for payroll service. Thank you Ramina & Chexperts!

Rohit Chhetri

ODTU Teknokent USA

Ramina is terrific!

Joe Mcclain

Household Employer

Ramina is a very professional person. Love the way she does business, personal. She does a good job for us.

Alice Pleasant

Logos Christian Fellowship

Ramina has been great so far! Very prompt & friendly. My in-laws use her, too, and are very happy.

Shannon Hayashibara

Watsonville Family Orthodontics

Having Chexperts as our payroll company has been a wonderful experience. As a company with 10 employees, we had mediocre experiences with two other payroll services. Starting with Chexperts was a positive experience. They walked us through all the stages of our payroll and made the process very easy for us.
They respond to the messages promptly and professionally.
We highly recommend Chexperts to anyone who needs a good reliable payroll company.

M. Mashouf

Mashouf Orthodontics

Chexperts has been a great help to our non-profit organization. Ramina has walked us through the payroll process and customized payroll services to meet our individual needs. I highly recommend Chexperts.

B.O.K Ranch

B.O.K Ranch, Inc.

I can’t say enough to describe how satisfied I am with the AMAZING service Chexperts offer! 

Since my first call Ramina has helped us and she is incredibly patience answering any questions and teaching you how the system online works step by step! I would highly recommend Ramina’s Payroll services to anyone!

Jesica R.

AKD Management, Inc.